Friday, October 11, 2019

Bihar: A village where not a single criminal case has been filed for 50 years

Jamua village of Banka district in Bihar, where it is claimed that no criminal case has been registered in this village for the last 50 years. Only 600 people live in this village. It is not that there is no crime in the village. Actually, there is a 5-member committee in this village, which not only takes action by listening to the complaints of the people of the village, but also solves them. The people here have so much confidence in this committee that instead of taking any matter to the local police station, they take it to this committee.

According to a record, about 2.60 lakh cognizable offenses are registered in Bihar every year, of which more than 3400 cases are from Banka district. Being a village in Banka district, there is not a single case of Jamua village. Committee member Shailendra Kumar said that the opposing groups had taken a pledge before the village committee that they would never be involved in any illegal activities from now on and they are happy now.