Friday, October 11, 2019

From today, there is no registration of land without Jamabandi, dispute and fraud will be stopped

There will be no land registry since Friday in the state. The prohibition of alcohol, excise and registration department has issued a notification. The registrar will check the Jamabandi online before registering the land. Only then will the registry take place. Password has been provided to all registrars. However, this rule will not apply in getting the flat or apartment registered. The registry of the old flat or apartment will be based on the holding number only.

Now district offices will not have to go round for their land documents. All the papers will be available from the zone by paying a nominal fee. The Revenue and Land Reforms Department has started preparing to get land papers in the circles only. For this, modern record rooms will be set up in all 534 zones. These records will serve as data centers in modern archives of room zones.