Friday, October 11, 2019

Hanumanji in the police station after the beating of devotees, what you are thinking is not the case

Vaishali, JNN. When the devotees beat up the opponents, Hanumanji was brought to the police station. Don't be surprised, this is not the case what you are thinking. It is being said about the idol of Hanuman.

In the Panapur Gaurahi village of Sadar police station area, there was a fierce attack on the land of the monastery on Thursday. The district administration and police force arrived at the information and controlled the situation. Seeing the tension in the village, the police is patrolling and took the idol of Hanuman ji to the police station.

There is a long-standing dispute between the two parties over the land of the monastery. The case is also going on in court. The priest says that the disputed plot is of the monastery while the farmer is describing it as his own. Three days ago, the third party started worshiping there by placing an idol of Hanuman on the disputed land.

When he did not move even after explaining, the priest took the idol and kept it in the monastery. After this, the idol-keepers became furious and started fighting. On the information, Sadar police station and Sadar SDO Sandeep Shekhar reached Priyadarshi and made reconciliation between the two sides. Also took the idol of Hanumanji to Sadar police station. Police said that further action would be taken only after seeing the papers of all the parties.