Friday, October 11, 2019

Masaurhi Gang Rape: The blood in the nail tells the story of Bayan

The police's gross negligence has come to light in the murder of the victim after the gang-rape. The body of the student remained lying for two days after the incident. Post mortem of the body was done in a hurry after the relatives started an uproar at the SSP office late on Thursday. Regarding this, the father of the student has expressed strong resentment over the police action. The father says that the whole case should be conducted impartially and at a high level, so that the accused involved in the incident as well as the policemen who are negligent in the matter can be punished.

The investigation into the rape cum murder case being taken by the police took a U-turn on the second day. In its research, the police consider only the cousin caught in the rape-cum-murder case. On Thursday, the police got her medical done. The victim's father has expressed strong resentment over this. The father alleges that the police is trying to lighten the case while trying to save the three other accused who were involved in the incident.

According to the police, during the raid, the girl battled with the accused for a long time, but the accused near the scene of the brick made several blows to her head and also attacked her with nails, which led to her death. In the FSL investigation, blood has been found to accumulate in the nails of the accused.