Friday, October 11, 2019

Sushil Modi said on formation of inquiry team regarding water logging in Patna, no committee formed

Regarding the formation of a three-member investigation team by the Municipal Development and Housing Minister Suresh Sharma regarding the water logging in the capital Patna, Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi has said that 'no committee of any kind has been formed'. It is known that earlier there was news that a three-member investigation team has been formed. This investigation team will determine the accountability of who is responsible for water logging in the capital Patna.

In the investigation team, Sanjay Kumar, special secretary of the Urban Development and Housing Department, was asked to be made chairman, Bihar Urban Infrastructure Corporation Limited (Budco) MD and Patna Municipal Corporation commissioner to be a member of the investigation team. This investigation team will examine every point and decide which officials and engineers (with names) are responsible for the waterlogging. Along with making explicit mention, instructions were given to give the investigation report within a week.

Here, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar will hold a review meeting with officials on Monday regarding water logging in Patna. In this, officers of the Municipal Development and Housing Department and Patna Municipal Corporation will also accompany. The Chief Minister will inquire about the causes of water logging. Chief Secretary Deepak Kumar gave information about this.

He said that it is feared in public that Samp House was closed during the rainy season. In such a situation, water logging will also be conducted to remove public apprehension. If found guilty during investigation, action will also be taken against the person concerned.